Determination of pyruvate in whole blood

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  • Enzymatic Method
  • For manual and/or automated procedure
  • Instrument application sheets available
  • Use whole blood
  • Incl. Pyruvate standard
  • Deproteinization procedure with 8% perchloric acid
  • Also available Lactate/Pyruvate controls
  • Wavelength 340, 334, 365nm




Lactate + NAD --L-D→ Pyruvate + NADH

Sample Material

Whole blood

Expected Values

Fasting venous blood:

Lactate : 0.33 - 1.33 mmol/l 

3 - 12 mg/dl

Cerebrospinal Fluid, children up to age 16:

Lactate : 1.11 - 2.78 mmol/l

10 - 25 mg/dl

Quality Control

Products Product no. Quantity

Lactate / Pyruvate Control Low-Normal Level 3005 10 x 5 ml

Lactate / Pyruvate Control High Level 2896 10 x 5 ml

Quantity Of Determinations

According to product insert of Lactate Reagent Set (2864)

Procedure: Manual - 25 tests, Automated - 250 tests

Quality Control


Product no.


Lactate Reagent set


25 manual                                    250 automated


Lactate/Pyruvate Control Low-Normal Level


10 x 5ml

Lactate Control High Level


10 x 5ml

Perchloric Acid 8% Deproteinization Reagent


6 x 100ml

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