Description : A handheld, bedside solution that provides lab-accurate blood gas, electrolyte, and metabolite (BGEM) results at the patient’s side in less than 1 minute. The epoc system consists of three components : the NXS Host mobile computer, the Reader and the BGEM Test Card


    • Accelerate clinical decision making.
    • Streamline patient-testing workflow.
    • Simplify inventory management.
    • Deliver real-time results and reporting.
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    Point of care blood gas, electrolytes, metabolites and haematocrit analyser.

    Sample Types

    Whole blood: arterial, venous, mixed venous, capillary

    Sample Size

    At least 92 μL

    Time to Result

    Less than 1 minute


    Automatically performed prior to every test

    Quality Control

    Eurotrol GAS-ISE Metabolite control, Eurotrol Hematocrit control

    Integrated Bar-code Scanner

    Patient ID and Operator ID, 1D and 2D bar-code format

    External Interfaces


    Power Requirements

    100–240 VAC; 50–60 Hz (Reader)


    Yes, at least 50 test cards

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