Orb will leverage its unique position as a full-scale quality provider of equipment, services, reagents and accessories for the laboratory industry and medical field while remaining at the forefront of technology and being the choice of quality for customers. Orb will settle for no less than being the market leader within our industries.

Orb will employ people who are attentive, professional, empowered and keen to succeed within a winning company that provides an aspirational and inspiring workplace with excellent career opportunities.

Orb will seek to understand the needs of our clients and provide services that add value, and are tailored to specific needs while bringing performance, quality and competitive advantages to our industries.

Orb will focus our efforts in the traditional offset industries, in which we can be leaders and trendsetters, while at the same time pursuing and developing new opportunities - be it guided by market needs and/or the vision of our company.

Orb will be active in laboratory markets and medical fields where we see a potential for improving customer satisfaction, directly or via representation, and we will always strive to win the confidence of our clients by maximising their business strategies and goals.

Orb will strive towards a committed goal of profitability through customer satisfaction and quality.

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