With just a couple hours of power, Coolfinity provides constant cooling


  • Ice battery powered
  • Long holdover time
  • Fast cool down
  • Freeze protection
  • Sustainable fridge
  • No generator needed

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Pharmacy fridge for weak grid / power outage / load shedding situations
This Coolfinity fridge provides reliable cooling between 2-8 °C even without power. The fridge can keep vaccines / lab reagents safe for two days under harsh tropical conditions even during normal use. The fridge has a excellent temperature stability throughout the entire fridge, unlike standard fridges. It only needs 6 hours of power per day (cumulative) to maintain the cold. This can be morning, day or night in small pieces of 5 minutes as long as it adds up to 6 hours in total. The glass door makes inventory management very easy. It has the greenest technology, is low maintenance and is very energy efficient.

Ice battery powered

Our cooler is powered by an ice battery, which only needs to charge for 6 hours per day to cool the whole day. We have decoupled continuous cooling from the availability of electricity, resulting in never-failing cooling. When electricity is available an ice bank is formed and when no power is available, the ice is slowly used. Currently our solution is for weak grids, so solar power is not required. In the future we will have solar direct drives available as well: An off grid solution that runs on solar panels.

Long holdover time

The cold is slowly released from the ice, which enables the fridge to keep the content cold for sure up to 48 hours. So even with no power at all, products stay cold for two days at 41˚C ambient. So a perfect piece of equipment in the cold chain distribution as a medical refrigerator and to cool vaccines in harsh tropical conditions. No hassle with cold boxes to temporary store vaccines anymore and better than icelined refrigerators (IRL).

Fast cool down

The refrigerator is specifically designed to cool down the content inside very fast. This is ideal as a commercial and bar fridge. Moreover, dairy farmers need fast cooling to stop bacterial growth in fresh milk. What makes it even more interesting is that even without power, the chiller is still able to quickly cool down warm drinks and fresh milk.

Freeze protection

The refrigerator is designed to maintain a very steady temperature and therefore avoids the risk of freezing the content. Our technology secures a stable and uniform temperature distribution of 3˚C inside the fridge, without fluctuations. This results in zero risk of freezing beverages, food or medication. No spoilage from frozen content anymore.

Sustainable fridge

The Coolfinity fridge has double insulation and low energy consumption, resulting in a very sustainable fridge. The thermal eutectic battery inside the cooler is a clean technology compared to battery powered alternatives with toxic heavy metals. The lifetime of our ice battery is literally forever, as water does not degrade. Furthermore, our chiller uses the greener hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerant instead of hydrofluorocarbon (HFC).

No generator needed

Coolfinity’s chiller is so energy efficient that is does not require a diesel generator at all, saving on investment costs and the hassle of getting fuel. Therefore our fridge is ideal to replace generator powered fridges and refrigerators that run on fuels like: propane, gas and kerosine. So no more smell, no noise, no extra fuel costs and less CO2 emission.



Fridge Size

300 liters (gross), 201 liters net

Holdover time

41 hours at 43°C

Temperature range


Power Requirements

220–240 VAC; 50–60 Hz 


Temperature display


Lock on door


Sound notifying door is opened


Double sided HD LED


Adjustable – 25mm; 4 regular and one bottom shelf; up to 50kg per shelf loading


Triple pane glass door with low e-glass and self-closing


Hydrocarbons (R290)


Two rollers on the back of the cooler; two castors and two adjustable feet at the front; wrench to fix the feet provided inside the cooler

External dimensions

H: 196 cm, W: 67 cm, D: 72 cm

Internal dimensions

H: 131 cm, W: 52 cm, D: 44 cm


156 kg (net, excl. packaging)

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