Orb Diagnostics, a South African registered company, distributes and supports internationally recognized market-leading brands. The company’s focus is in the medical, diagnostics and laboratory fields, as this is where its expertise lies.

Orb Diagnostics offers a unique combination of products to the health care & laboratory sectors. We place great emphasis on service and technical support for our customers, therefore Orb is service orientated on all levels. We have an equipped laboratory at our Johannesburg office to train and support our clients. Orb believes in employing competent and well-educated staff & providing them with organized and responsive management.

Orb Diagnostics strives to deliver world-class products and services to our wide range of customers who rely on cutting edge technology to compete in the local and export markets. All our suppliers provides products of the highest quality, manufactured within stringent quality control environments.

Bloodgas Instruments.

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Urine Strip Analyzer

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