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The Capp Tempo pipette controller has revolutionary features that separate it from other pipette controllers.
The Capp Tempo has an LED display for ultimate user friendliness and the patented Electronic Break System (EBS).
The LED display gives the user relevant information about aspiration speed, dispense speed and battery life.
The EBS is unique to Capp Tempo and allows user s to pipette at maximum speed without compromising accuracy.
The Capp Tempo is loaded with features in a stylish Danish design and is available in four colour choices.
The charging stand and wall holder are included in the box with the Capp Tempo pipette controller.
Capp Tempo gives you everything you need to accomplish your goals.


LED Display
Displays shows aspiration and dispense speeds
Displays Remaining battery life and flashes when power is low
Display turns-off after 20 seconds of non-use to conserve battery

Adjustable speeds
Powerful motor fills 25ml in less than 12 seconds
Separate speed controls for aspiration and dispense modes
Six different speed settings for both aspiration and dispense modes

Electronic Break System (EBS)
EBS maximizes speed and precision
Apply EBS to slow down at the last second to dial in the most accurate volume
Press EBS a second time to return to max speed

Power Supply
Lithium ion battery, full charge provides 8 hours of continuous use
Battery can be charged while pipette is being used


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