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CappAero Multichannel Pipettes for 384-well plates:

Most applications involving 384-well plates are performed using automated systems. Capp provides the world’s only alternative for the quick and high precision pipetting of 16-, 48-, or 64-wells at once without the use of expensive, automated equipment, ideal for 384 well liquid handling.


The CappAero 48 & 64 channel pipette allows for pipetting large samples within a short period of time while reducing the workload. The CappAero is generally applicable for all transfers of liquids from reservoir and 384 deep-well plates into 384 well test plates, and it offers very obvious advantages in PCR, micro array, and MALDI spectrometry techniques.

Capp 384 Multichannel Pipettes feature lightweight construction and produce a consistent and reliable liquid transfer result in one ergonomic solution.

Cat. No. Description Inaccuracy % Imprecision %
CP-C02-16 CAPP multi pipettes, 16-channel, 0.2-2 ul 4 2
CP-C10-16 CAPP multi pipettes, 16-channel, 0.5-10 ul 2 1
CP-C50-16 CAPP multi pipettes, 16-channel, 5-50 ul 1.4 0.6
CP-C10-24 CAPP multi pipettes, 24-channel, 0,5-10 ul 2,00 1,00
CP-C50-24 CAPP multi pipettes, 24-channel, 5-50 ul 1,40 0,60
CP-C10-32 CAPP multi pipettes, 32-channel, 0,5-10 ul 4,00 2,00
CP-C10-48 CAPP multi pipettes, 48-channel, 0.5-10 ul 4 2
CP-C10-64 CAPP multi pipettes, 64-channel, 0.5-10 ul 4 2
CP-5030005C ExpellPlus 0.2-50ul, long, racked, sterile (5x10x384)    
CP-5030006C ExpellPlus 0.2-50ul, long, racked, sterile, filtered (5x10x384)    
CP-5100513C Expell 384-well PCR plate, natural, 320 pcs.    
CP-5100400C Expell PCR Optical Disposable Adhesive, 100 pcs.    
CP-CA40520 CAPPSharp Reagent Reservoir, 25mL, bulk, 5x100 pcs.    
CP-CA40521 CAPPSharp Reagent Reservoir, 25mL, individually wrapped, sterile, 50 pcs.  


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