Orbies getting ready to do their 67 minutes for Madiba

Orbies playing with the kids or the other way around

Mama Gloria making the kids playground clean

Uncle Herman - The human jungle gym

Auntie Nadine with her new bundle of joys

Uncle Tendai and Auntie Nadine showing some love to the kids

Our Rock Stars for the day Lindokuhle and Noluthando

Auntie Nadine getting a make over from the girls

Uncle Snel with his new playmates

Auntie Nadine getting a group hug with lots of love

Uncle Fitz with his new girl Noluthando

Uncle Snel

Orbies hard at work

Uncle Tendai getting his hands dirty

Uncle David doing his part too
Orb Cares on Mandela Day - and every day!

Orb Cares is the name of Orbs corporate social investment programme, designed to support a variety of South African charity initiatives. That said, the Orb Cares programme was created to provide far more than financial support, says Orb managing director, Herman Snyman, "Its also about getting the Orb family, which includes employees and clients, as well as our family and friends, involved in South Africas social responsibility initiatives. We truly care about the communities in which we operate . Improving the lives of people living in those communities is entrenched in our company strategy and forms part of Orbs DNA."

18 July is the annual day when caring South Africans give 67 minutes of their time for Madiba, taking action, inspiring change - and instilling a powerful mix of values and action, helping ensure that, in future, every day becomes a Mandela Day in South Africa.

Mandela Day pays tangible homage to the man who has become a living legend to millions of South Africans and to tens of millions more around the world. Orb Diagnostics wishes Tata Madiba a happy 94th birthday - and heres to many more.

To celebrate Madibas birthday and share our 67 minutes with humanity, the Orb team went to Compass School in Edenvale. We played with the kids (2 to 6 years old) and cleaned the schools yard. Compass School provides top-quality day-care for disadvantaged children whose parents cannot afford standard day-care fees. It also helps women who are in abusive relationships and gives them jobs.

Orb chose the school because we believe that in order to have a fully developed and successful country it all starts with the children, who are societys future leaders, so it seemed fit to start with a day care because thats where it all begins.

Orbs finance manager, Fitz-Patrick Chikerema, reflects on his experience, "Those children spent their 67 minutes with me. What a gift - for me, not for them!"

All in all it was a morning well spent. After all, nothing beats a happy smile on a well-fed child. Happy Mandela Day!


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