Orb Diagnostics became proud partners of Siemens for their Urine Strip Analyser and accessories as from 1 November 2014.

Underneath a short description of our product:

The Siemens Analysers are currently being used by Pathologists around the country . Siemens are the leaders in Point of care Urinalysis testing and have been tried and tested. The SG 10 Strips are Nappi Coded and special packages are offered. The unit is easy, fast and very accurate. It takes away the guess work out of reading the results, standardizes the reading time and most importantly preforms auto checks. Alarming you If the strips that you are using have been compromised due to humidity aiding in prevention of misdiagnoses. Results are recorded and printed saving manual recording errors and time, streamlining the testing process. There are quite a bit of improvements with the new Analyser.

The CLINITEST hCG test employs an easy-to-use cassette that is utilized with the CLINITEK Status family of analyzers. The cassette mounts on a test table. The cassette is automatically drawn into the analyzer after a urine sample is added to the cassette’s sample well. Note the Cassette is for analyser reading only( Not Manual reading). The cassette comes in packs of 25 test per box . The analyzer precisely times the reading of results, and verifies that the test has been completed properly . A printed record of results includes patient and operator ID . Analyser also can be used with the Siemens Multistix SG 10 urine test strips as seen below.

Ease of use ,accuracy and reliability have made the Analyser a very beneficial and valuable tool to labs in testing and added peace of mind for the user . We offer training, service and supplies.

Download SIEMENS Clinitek Status + Analyzer


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